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Open Visualizer

To start Visualizer from SketchUp, select "Start Visualizer" from SketchUp "Plugins" or "Extensions" menu or use the "V" toolbar button.

Launching Visualizer

Basic Viewing

The Visualizer camera follows all SketchUp camera and model changes. If you let Visualizer sit for a moment, the image will continue to refine. Press the shutter button to save the current view as a photo.

Basic Viewing

Focus & Exposure

Visualizer lets you set the exposure and focus by aiming at items in the window. Adjust focus with the slider on the lower right.

If you have focusing enabled, you can double-click the Exposure/Focus controls to set them independently.

Focus and Exposure

View Size

Just drag Visualizer's window to any size in the usual way, or use the custom-size buttons at the top for exact control.

The "pin" button allows you to pin Visualizer in front of all other windows (or not).

View Size

Clock, Sync, Lock

The Visualizer clock shows Visualizer's estimates for a "complete" image.

If you want to continue working in SketchUp without disturbing Visualizer's progress, press the Lock button and Visualizer will ignore SketchUp changes.

If ever Visualizer and SketchUp don't seem to match, just press the Sync button to update Visualizer's view.

Clock, Sync, Lock

Menus and Beyond

All of Visualizer's main functions can also be found in the "Plugins" menu, making it easy to set up hot keys.

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