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“There’s Kind of a Joy” - Kyu Young Kim of ACS Architects

ACS Architects of Palo Alto emphasizes the basics -- service to their clients.

Kyu Young Kim, Assoc AIA, brings to bear worldwide experience from traditions from the US, Europe, and Asia, while making the most of new technologies. Kyu spearheaded the firm’s move towards an all-SketchUp workflow and has found that Visualizer was instantly valuable. “Visualizer definitely speeds up the whole work process,” he says, and has found that it can help communicate ideas to clients, contractors, municipalities -- even to neighbors when building new residences.

"We're using Visualizer at all steps in the process."

Kyu’s working method is to leave Visualizer’s window open nearly all the time when designing. “We’re using Visualizer at all steps of the process. We originally thought it would only be best for the end, but we found that it actually helps our clients sometimes to visualize it even when we’re doing very basic programming… clients can visualize themselves in the space.”

By leaving VIsualizer open at all times, it’s always ready with a meaningful view, even when the window is hidden. “It’s right there, waiting for me as soon as I flip to it.”

“Sometimes at the office when people walk by they say: ‘whoa, how are you doing that?’

Kyu uses SketchUp’s section planes with Visualizer to quickly shift views when explaining his plans. Giving clients a direct view is often more helpful to clients than the line drawings and CD’s created for the benefit of design and construction professionals, and better capture the feeling of the design.

“I think there’s a kind of joy in seeing a SketchUp model more realistic…[and] we can have that whenever we want. It allows us to have a lot more excitement.”

Follow Kyu’s advice and “give it a shot!” -- you can start your free trial of Visualizer now.