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Winter Winner: Designing Sets with Visualizer

Happy Holidays and Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2014 Customer Survey -- you've done a lot to help guide us toward making Visualizer the Right Tool for you. 2015 is looking bright!

2014 Winner Warren HansenJust in time for the season, we're happy to announce our Survey Sweepstakes winner, too: Warren Hansen from Venice, California. Warren is the winner of a Bosch DLR130K -- the world's smallest professional laser distance measurer, a "laser tape measure" that can quickly survey objects, building, and rooms up to 130 feet across, even measure heights and space volumes at a distance. Congratulations!

Warren's use of Visualizer covers two different fields: while he applies it to construction, real estate, and his airbnb property; he also finds a role for it in his primary occupation of cinematography. Visualizer is a useful tool for planning shots and staging:

"If I have a difficult scene to plan I use Visualizer internally. After I have figured out how I think we should shoot it I share the renderings with the director. If he / she like my ideas then I use the pictures to explain everything to the crew. It makes the set up and communication go better for all of us."

Of course pictures speak louder than words:

"This is part of what the main camera saw during one shot

The reason I mapped it out is to hide the lights and crane and condor during the shot. The camera made a large move to arc around the actress.
Later we saw further down the street and I had to plan to light the additional shots without seeing the lighting instruments and also use the time and equipment efficiently
Even when I am on a sound stage, drawing the lighting setups help me plan more efficiently
I also like to use Visualizer when I am doing construction on my home or rental unit. It helps me see how natural light will play in spaces and how I can add to the effect by moving and enlarging windows and doors."

Readers can compare Warren's result to photos, too, since his sunny Venice location is listed on AirBnB, complete with some very similar shots.

Thanks Warren, and congratulations again!

Happy Holidays from the entire Visualizer team.  See you again in 2015!