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Picture Development Timers

The first big free upgrade is here! Visualizer for SketchUp version 1.1 brings great new features to every user. One of the most common questions we got about previous Visualizers was: "when is the photo truly done?" In answer, we present:

The Picture Development Timer

If you've been trying the new Visualizer, you may have already noticed a tiny new clock in the lower left corner, perhaps with the word "Calculating....":

The clock is the start-up indicator for the Visualizer Picture Development Timer, which first displays this clock "winding up" followed by a simple numeric display showing a clear count-down from start to ready. Once Visualizer thinks the picture is ready for you to press the shutter button, the clock and numbers will be replaced by a check mark to let you know everything's complete to your specification.

How done is "done"?

Everyone has their own picture needs, so Visualizer's clock can be set to report on one of three quality levels:  Preview, Good, or Excellent quality. Clicking right on the clock icon will present you with a live selector between those three:

What are we seeing?

First, the picture will be considered to have achieved "preview quality" by Visualizer in two seconds.

Next, the "50" in the lower corner matches the "50 sec" value on the "good quality" timer. The radio button below the "good quality" timer means that this user wants to see that value in the mini-clock. You can set it however you like, and only the displayed value will change — Visualizer will still work hard to make a perfect picture regardless of your setting here.

Finally, the "5 min" value on the "excellent quality" timer shows how long Visualizer estimates to create a top-notch picture — one in which every tone should look silky-smooth even to a trained eye.

After achieving "excellent" level, Visualizer will still keep cranking! A + sign will appear next to the counter to tell you how far "beyond excellent" Visualizer has worked.

Let's take a look at the results from this particular scene:


PREVIEW QUALITY: The sharp, in-focus person looks great, while the shadowed and out-of-focus parts might still look a bit gritty. Not perfect, but great for communicating the idea and feel of the scene in just a few seconds.


GOOD QUALITY: The tones are more refined, especially in bright areas like the reflections in the patio door.


EXCELLENT QUALITY: Everywhere tones are smooth and presentation-ready. Sure, you could just let Visualizer keep going to squeeze out that last one-tenth of one-percent... but you'd be hard-pressed to identify the difference, even after a long draw session. 

We're excited about bringing you these new features, and more! If you're one of the thousands of people already using Visualizer, even if your previous trial has expired, try out the free upgrade now. If you haven't tried it yet, the start of your free trial is just a click away!