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Keyboard Shortcuts for Visualizer

If you know how to use SketchUp, you already know how to use Visualizer.

So what's the secret about using keyboard shortcuts? There isn't one! Visualizer works with the usual SketchUp tools for hot key shortcuts, both on Windows and Mac. We've set up all the most-used Visualizer controls into SketchUp's "Plugins" menu, ready for use as shortcuts.

As an example, here's how to bind Visualizer's "Take a Picture" shutter button to the hot key "Control-Slash" (aka "^/" or "Ctrl+/"). You can set any nearly key or combo you like to any function.

We'll show MS-Windows in this how-to, but the procedure is essentially identical for Mac.

First select "Preferences" in SketchUp's "Window" menu:

SketchUp's Preferences dialog has a few submenus, select "Shortcuts" as shown and you can find Visualizer's controls in the list of menu items, under "Plugins."

Select the function you want ("Plugins/Visualizer/Take Picture"), then click in the field under "Add Shortcut." Press the key you want to use as a shortcut and its name will appear there ("Ctrl+/"). The click the "+" button to add the shortcut, and finally "OK" to finish the entire process.

That's pretty much it! You can review the Official SketchUp documentation (Windows or Mac) to get into finer points like exporting or importing sets of shortcuts, but really the gist of the whole process is there in the one dialog. Happy clicking!