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Designing “That Perfect Point” - Sean Headrick of Aerotestra

Sean Headrick’s rise as an industrial designer and creator of “just about anything” is a classic story of hard work, a sharp mind, and the right tools at the right time. Not only a designer, Sean is a hands-on maker -- of just about anything.

"I love the Depth of Field feature more than anything… it tells a real story in the photograph."

Today, Sean spends “nearly every waking moment” working on autonomous aircraft designs for Aerotestra -- especially Hugo, an all-weather quadcopter whose unique and durable monocoque construction gives it greater strength-to-weight ratio than other commercial designs.

Visualizer’s focus blur controls help Sean isolate Hugo’s customizable components, all visualized in context. Battery covers, shock absorbers, camera mounts -- “it helps draw how it will be in reality” to create a “virtual modeling experience.”

From Sean’s imagination to seeing the refined mechanical form -- “when it’s just right, at that perfect point” -- needs a lot of visualization. “There’s so much in the actual functionality of this -- the aesthetics are something I really have to put into every part of it.”

A new Aerotestra design, seen in VisualizerVisualizer allows Sean both to “visualize more concretely how I want something to be” but also to communicate with Aerotestra’s clients and potential customers about autonomous vehicle usage, via documentation and virtual dioramas prepared in SketchUp that describe mission tasks like mapping, testing the health of lakes (Hugo can land on water), etc.

Sean’s design knowledge has come from an independant and largely self-taught background in hands-on craftsmanship ranging through fields as diverse as creating French bakery confections to designing custom fine furniture based on his own unique methods of joinery, mixed with traditional Japanese designs. A tip from Sean’s wife in 2005 launched him instantly into the ranks of avid SketchUp users.

Sean also brings his message of hands-on design to educators and students young and old, helping to kickstart the imaginations of younger STEM students and to bringing his hands-on knowledge to the brains of computer design students at institutions like Virginia Tech.

Visualizer's quick and fun operation helps. "I could do this all day!" Sean declared during his first hands-on session. 

Sean's designs shows us how to “excite that area” of the mind.  You can too!  Start your free trial of Visualizer now.