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Custom Image Sizes

The new Visualizer for SketchUp version 1.1 has been built with the help of many customers and product tester. We're happy to add the most-requested of all new features:

Custom Image Sizes

With version 1.1, you can now treat the Visualizer view just like any other typical window on your computer.  In terms of window size — drag at the corners to resize, or click the appropriate full-screen icon to get a full-screen picture (Mac and WIndows versions have slight differences, but both work in the expected, normal-for-you manner).

Visualizer adds a few tricks to the mix to make things extra-useful.

First, Visualizer's size selector is still around, but now it's been tuned to help you perform tasks that real users need most often. Let's take a look at a typical session, using a terrific house design we got from the 3D Warehouse (kudos to builder J.. Ravanello). Try it yourself or use a favorite model of your own.

Using the SketchUp-Match Selector

By using the "Match SketchUp Aspect Ratio" selector (looks like a little SketchUp logo), Visualizer will jump to an image shape that exactly matches what you see in SketchUp yourself — the very same proportions, so that what you get really is exactly what you see.

Hold down the Shift (or option on Mac) key when pressing the little SketchUp logo, Visualizer's window will jump to exactly the same size as SketchUp's display. Great for presentations and image mixing!

If you drag the window to resize, you can also keep that exact shape by holding down the shift key while dragging — a behavior that will feel easy and intuitive to anyone used to using Mac or using illustration scale tools in programs like SketchUp or Abobe Photoshop.

Let's look a little closer at that size menu again:

Closeup View of 1.1 Size Controls

Below the "Match SketchUp" icon you will see three "star" buttons — these are the quick-size buttons. By default, they are set to the same small, medium, and large sizes used by the orginal Visualizer — but they're customizable to any size you like! Just hold down the "alt" (or "command" on Mac) key when clicking to preserve your Visualizer's current window size as an instant shortcut.

Finally at the bottom you'll find the Custom Size tool, which will offer you a chance to set the window (or any of those shortcut presets) to an exact numeric size. Great for anyone needing custom sizes for presentation, for video, etc.

We're excited about bringing you these new features, and more! If you're one of the thousands of people already using Visualizer, even if your previous trial has expired, try out the free upgrade now. If you haven't tried it yet, the start of your free trial is just a click away!