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Clarity of Design

At the Neri Bloomfield School of Design in Haifa, Israel, the staff in the Architecture department had a challenge: how to help students use high-quality presentation rendering, without hopelessly diverting them into the details of using traditional rendering products? How could the students stay focused on design?

"I have been telling students for years, not to touch [various renderers] because they will end up doing software configuration instead of designing architecture. Thanks to you guys, I have a solution." writes Gidon, Architecture teacher (and founder of Koomkoom Multimedia).

"Due to the ease of use, they figured it by themselves"

As you might have guessed, that solution was Visualizer. When Gidon introduced Visualizer into his syllabus this term, at first he was concerned that students, who are not used to the Visualizer style, might not take to it -- but he showed them the basics, encouraged experimentation, and left for 30 minutes. When he returned, everyone was making pictures.

"As a teacher, I always tell them I can't make them buy any kind of software, I cannot ethically advertise or force them to do it, I just pointed out the advantages" (along with the student-friendly price). "...I am attaching a few images by the students, that I asked their permission to share."

Design by Niv Leshniak

Design by Talia Yitzhaki

Design by Leibovich Einat

Design by Ella Menache

Design by Ronnen Toker

Design by Tal Fargun

Design by Tal Fargun

Design by Nayrouz Hassan

Design by Niv Leshniak

Of course, Gidon himself had blazed a trail, including his own use of Visualizer's ability for Pixel-Perfect image mixing:

Village, Design by Gidon

Abstract, Design by Gidon

Design by Gidon

Thanks Gidon, and to all the Neri Bloomfield students who shared their designs!