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Final Release and Thanks for All the Fish

Here it comes: the ultimate and best version of Visualizer yet: Visualizer 1.3. We've put together more innovative features to give architects and designers what they've told us they really need in an always-on rendering companion. You can do more - and get it done faster - than ever before. Here's a quick list of highlights, followed by more details below....

    Enhanced Materials. We now give you the ability to create a stronger set of material feel for everyday surfaces like shiny floors, tile, concrete, brick, and more. You can also switch quickly back and forth between "plain" and "enhanced" shading so that you can tune the image to your specific needs.

    Interior Lighting. Visualizer can now apply SketchUp's "light and dark" shadow control sliders to allow you do manage the density of dark, shadowed areas and interiors. Not only does this make interiors much nicer to work with in Visualizer, it can speed up interior rendering by a huge margin.

    Unshadowed Section Planes. Visualizer section planes, in earlier editions, would hide geometry, but the shadows of that geometry would remain. This is great for some users but not, we realized, for everyone. Now you can choose which style of section plane you prefer. A new checkbox "Light Section Planes" can be found in the Visualizer menu. If it's checked, the geometry clipped away by the section plane is ignored in shadowing. If unchecked, all geometry casts shadows (the previous standard case). Compare these two views of "Glass House 2" to those from our previous post on section planes.

    Glass House, Sliced -- missing areas contribute to shadow unchecked

    Glass House, Sliced -- missing areas open to light checked

    Other Refinements

    We've continued adding and refining all of Visualizer as well, improving crucial-to-you behaviors like layer controls that more closely-match SketchUp, camera-facing objects that always stay properly aligned, and more. We're excited to get them all into your hands!

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    A Final Note from the Visualizer Team

    Visualizer 1.3 is the product we aimed to create, using Imagination's lightning-fast ray-tracing technology. We've put it all into the product and we hope you find it to be the revolutionary experience we intended. We're now continuing the crusade by extending the reach of our core tech to vistas beyond SketchUp, and 1.3 will be the last version of Visualizer as you know it. We can't say exactly what the future holds, but the team is shifting towards it and you can expect even more amazing tools from our team - in ways we think will thrill you - in the future.

    From all of us, thanks for using Visualizer. It's the enthusiasm of users that has seen us through to this point, and been our steady guide. Keep your eyes open for more great ray-tracing products from Imagination. 

    Thanks from the Visualizer Team!