Visualizer for SketchUp: Design and Render Simultaneously

Design & Render Simultaneously in SketchUp

Now Available Free of Charge

Realism for the Rest of Us

Visualizer for SketchUp is the premiere tool for real-time design in SketchUp. Visualizer allows designers to directly see their ideas explored in a natural-looking and naturally-lit environment so that expressions of form, light, and material can take shape in the most realistic way possible, interactively in real-time during design. And as of March 23, 2015, Visualizer 1.3 is available to anyone: free of charge.

"Homeowners need help imagining their construction project. I use Visualizer to make that realism come alive."

Duane Mackey, Construction Plan Specialist, Clinton Ohio

Why is it now free?

As part of Imagination Technologies’ longer term plans and investment to bring interactive ray-tracing to a mainstream mobile audience , we’ve decided to focus the Visualizer development team’s expertise on helping us bring a new generation of graphics chip technology to market. Unfortunately, there’s so much to do we’ve had to do this at the expense of ceasing all further development of the Visualizer product line.

Our final release 1.3 of Visualizer for SketchUp is the most capable yet, and we think every one of our thousands of Visualizer fans will want to use it. We have no plan for further changes to Visualizer for SketchUp beyond our 1.3 release.

Already purchased a previous version?

Thank you! We appreciate your support and feedback. We're offering this final edition for free to thank you for your support, and hope that you will continue to use it. Feel free to share it with colleagues, clients, contractors, students... indeed anyone who uses SketchUp.

You can continue using your previously-licensed copy, it will continue to function as long as SketchUp and your operating system support it. If you install 1.3 and for some reason want to revert to 1.2 instead, it's also possible to re-install version 1.2. Both versions are available for download below.

New to Visualizer

Welcome – thanks for joining the ranks of Visualizer fans! Visualizer for SketchUp will work with SketchUp versions 2013, 2014, and 2015. We think you'll love the tool, and the no-learning-curve approach to picture-making that it provides.


Visualizer for SketchUp can be downloaded via the buttons below. Visualizer is compatible with SketchUp 2013, 2014, and 2015, on both OS X and 64-bit Windows operating systems. See our FAQ for details about system requirements.

"Quick Simplicity for Someone Who Designs, Not Renders"

Chris Graham, Designer/Contractor, Staircraft

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Visualizer streamlines work processes and schedules for ACS Architecture:

Official End-of-Product Announcement

Imagination Technologies announces the end of development and end of sale of Visualizer for SketchUp, effective March 23, 2015. No further development will be done on the product and no purchases will be accepted. All existing Visualizer customers will continue to be able to use Visualizer freely, their licenses will remain valid.

FAQ and Blog Entries

We have posted archive selections from the Visualizer FAQ and blog to assist customers who may have questions about operation of Visualizer however this information will no longer be actively maintained or monitored.


Visualizer for SketchUp Version 1.3 requires no license key. If you are a licensed customer and wish to continue using the old version(s), you are advised to copy and permanently save your license key(s). You should have already received an email with the key. If you have misplaced your license key, then please contact and provide us with the email address you used to purchase your license(s).